Professors in Urban Public Art and International Contemporary Art Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts

1. Recruitment Sector : College of Fine Arts

2. Position: Professors

3. Professional Field

1) Urban Public Art

2) International Contemporary Art

4. Job Description

Urban Public Art:

1) Engage in the research on the theory and development of public art in C
hina and abroad and the research on the history and theory of Chinese
art; have rich experiences in the operation of art commercialization;

2) Enjoy high prestige in the research of international public art;

3) Have conducted in-depth studies on "local remodeling", and have shown m
oderate theoretical contribution to the related projects;

4) Have rich experiences in urban planning theories and practices; have a dee
p understanding of Shanghai urban planning.

International Contemporary Art:

1) Enjoy international prestige in the field of artistic creation; lead the team
to enhance the influence and competitiveness of the discipline in the inter
national and domestic academic fields.

2) Have established good rapports with international art institutions and relat
ed experts; help build the Pacific Rim collaborative consortium on fine arts.

3) Undertake researches on art theories and critics.

4) Be familiar with exhibition operations, art managements, and the commerc
ialization operation modes of art.

5. Qualification

Urban Public Art:

1) Build urban public art international research networks and think tank;
lead the team on international issues of improving city living; supervis
e master and doctoral students;

2) Build international research networks on urban public art and think tan
k; organize a research team on international topics and train doctoral

3) Undertake research on the theory of "local reconstruction" and train d
octoral students.

4) Plan and manage urban planning and community building project and
supervise doctoral students.

International Contemporary Art:

1) Undertake related research projects and supervise doctoral students.

2) Build the Pacific Rim art research circle; undertake related research projects

and supervise doctoral students.

3) Undertake research projects on art theories and critics and supervise
postgraduate students.

4) Undertake researches on art managements and cultural communications

and supervise postgraduate students.

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